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Vacation Time!

California Marine Layer
"Marine Layer" Oceanside, CA
My #1 favorite place, to live - by the beach!

Total tranquility!
A total favorite hide-away, my favorite place to visit,
nestled away on a secluded beach in Belize.
So awe-inspiring!!
I plan on planting some sod this spring, what do you think?

Total peace and quiet, except for the natural sounds - birds and ocean waves.

Oh! Guess what!?! 
There's No electricity, No roads, No phones, and... there is only one way in and one way out - BOAT!!

Another of my favorite spots, a real haven. Check out that porch!
This one DOES include electricity and running water!
Is this incredible or what?!

The Peacock Perch rises above the
Out 'n' About Treesort in Takilma, Oregon. Read more below!

Photos by John Flinn, special to the Chronicle

The interior of the Peacock Perch is, of course, all wood.

A fully enclosed cottage with a double bed, refrigerator and running water ... smack in the branches of a tree.
Can't get any better than that!
It's one of eight deluxe tree houses clustered in the Siskiyou Mountains
of Southern Oregon, just across the border from California.


So, if you can't reach me by email or phone, you should have a good idea where I am!

Hope you enjoy my website - Thanks for visiting!

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