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The Work-Play Books
Primer throuh 6th Grade, 7 Books - 1930's

This is a charming set, the Primer through 6th Grade.  I added the Primer - Peter & Peggy - to the set "after" the "set" photos were taken and have added it here by itself. It's in wonderful condition.

The Work-Play Books, have wonderful vintage stories and charming water-color illustrations. By Arthur Gates and Miriam Blatnon Huber.

Books include:
1) Peter and Peggy - Primer (VG)
2) Round the Year - 1st Reader (VG)
3) Friendly Stories - 2nd Reader (VG)
4) Make and Make-Believe - 3rd Reader (VG)
5) Magic Hours - 4th Reader (VG)
6) Pleasant Lands - 5th Reader (VG)
7) Golden Leaves - 6th Reader (VG)

VERY GOOD CONDITION - The covers are very good to all books, with light bumping, corners are good, a few of the books have light corner fray. Binding is good and strong. School stamps inside front cover with a name. Pages are good and bright, an occasional light stray pencil mark and a small page turning tear to a few pages.  No large tears, no smells, no molds, no writing, no scribbling to pages. No missing pages. A charming vintage and rare set, excellent for collecting, reminiscing, and home school.

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