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Set OF 5 Winston Readers
1st Grade through 3 Grade
Mac and Muff Series ~ Easy Growth in Reading
1940's Vintage Readers

A gorgeous set with adorable stories and charming water color illustrations. With Bob and Nancy, Baby Bear and Bushy Tail, Anne, Tom and Don, Trigger, Frisk the little dog, Jack and Mary, Judy, Uncle Bob, Cinder the black Schnauzer, Black Pony, Dudley Duck, Polly Piggy, Chatterbox and Mr. Squirrel, Anne and Trigger, Billy and Jean, and many others.

Stories like: Here are Tom and Don, I Know a Story, The Candy Dog Story, Timothy's Antlers, Grandfather Deer, How Waddles Junior Learned to Swim, School Days, On a Streamlined Train, Oscar Cools Off Mickey's House, A Wigwam in north American, A Cave in Spain, A Mud House in Africa, The Man Who Tried to Live Alone, Tom's Letter, and many more.

Book Info & Conditions

I Know a Story, 1940 Edition, with 151 pages. First Grade ~ Level One
Good Stories, 1940 Edition, with 121 pages. First Grade ~ Level Two
Along the Way, 1940 Edition, with 181 pages. Second Grade ~ Level One
The Story Road, 1940 Edition. with 137 pages. Second Grade ~ Level Two
Faraway Ports, 1947 Edition, with 279 pages. Third Grade ~ Level One


This is a beautiful set.
I Know a Story
  ~ A gorgeous copy with bright clean covers and square corners that have very light bumping, no names and no school stamps, no writing to pages, super bright, clean and white pages that look almost new, the first blank page was very neatly removed, no page tears found.
Good Stories  ~ A very nice with bright covers that have light bumping to corners, light edge rubbing to paste downs inside front cover, no names and no school stamps. Pages are clean with light use showing, no page tears found and no missing pages.
Along the Way
  ~ A super nice copy with bright covers and nice square corners that show light bumping. No names, no school stamps. Pages are bright, white, and clean. No page tears found and no missing pages.
The Story Road  ~
An extremely nice with bright covers and square corners. No names and no school stamps. Pages are very white, bright and clean and look almost new.  No page tears and no missing pages.
Faraway Ports  ~ A super nice copy, with bright covers and square corners. No names, no school stamps.  Pages are bright and clean, no marks and no real use showing.  A gorgeous copy. 

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