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Tags and Twinkle
Jim & Judy series ~ Work-Play Books
~ 1st Grade

A gorgeous copy of a very adorable children's school book.  This book is very nice and without markings, writing and does not look like it was issued in school and kept as a private copy, or belonged to a teacher.  It's been cherished for years.

The Primer in the Jim and Judy series, Tags is Jim and Judy's West Highland White Terrier and Twinkle is their kitten.

Tags and Twinkle uses 129 words, with an addition of 30 words that were introduced in the previous book, Come and Ride, the basal Pre-Primer.

Stories & Condition

Jim and Judy
Jim and Judy and Tags
The Toys
A Toy Farm

Birthday Surprise
Judy and Mother
A Surprise for Jim
The Red Wagon
Tags Is Red
A Wagon for Jim
Happy Birthday
A Birthday Ride
Birthday Fun
The Birthday Cake
Fun with Tags
The Big Airplanes
The Airplane Ride
In the Airplane
Where Is Tags?
Twinkle, the Cat

Fun at the Farm
The Train Ride
The Cows
The Hens
Twinkle and the Rooster
The Story of the Black Rooster
Little Chickens
The City
The Little Houses
Peep! Peep!
In the Pet Store
The Letter
The Black Rooster at Home

Fun at School
Going to School
The Rabbit
The Play House
The Story of the Little White House
In the Woods
The Boy and Girl
Black Dog
Yellow Cat
Red Rooster
Brown Hen
Gray Rabbit
Brown Horse
At Home

NEAR MINT CONDITION - The covers are gorgeous, corners are very square. Binding is excellent and tight. No school stamps, no names, no ownership markings. Pages are excellent, clean and bright and look almost new. No use showing, no page tears, no marks, no smells, no writing, and no scribbling to pages, and no missing pages. Colors are vivid. This is a very charming and very nostalgic vintage copy, an excellent book for collecting, reminiscing, and home school.

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