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The Story Teller , 1st Volume, 1930
Young Folk's Library
Charles E. Norton

Selections from the choicest literature of all lands; folk-lore, fairy tales, fables, legends, natural history, wonders of earth, sea and sky, animal stories, brave deeds, explorations, stories of school life, biography, history, patriotic eloquence, and poetry. 

Illustrated in black & white and color illustrations.  Very collectible.

Story List

List of Colored Illustrations
On the Influence of Books
The Worth of the Child's Own Book
The Story of the Three Bears
Beauty and the Beast
Diamonds and Toads
Blanche and Rosalinda
The White Cat
Tom Thumb
Jack and the Bean Stalk
The Three Wishes
The Children in the Wood
The History of Little Jack
The Fair One with the Golden Locks
Whittington and His Cat
Seven Champions of Christendom
The Fisherman and the Genie
The Yellow Dwarf
Felicia and the Pot of Pinks
Prince Mu and the Princess Zaza
Prince Wee and the Princess Sabel
The Princess on the Glass Hill
The Brave Little Tailor
Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp
Go I Know Not Wither
The Story of Gore-Gorinskoye
The Sage Damsel
The Prophetic Dream
The Flying Ship
The Goblin-No-Bigger
The Story of Ivan
Biographical Notes
Suggestions for Supplementary Reading

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