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Story Hour Readers ~ Set
Coe and Christie
Rare the Primer, Book 1 & Book 2

Very nice set of the Primer, Book One (1st grade) and Book Two (2nd grade).  Hard to find in a set. Adorable stories, many most of us know and still read to our children.  Stories like; Little Bo Peep, Humpty Dumpty, Jack Horner and the Pie, Little Tin Soldier, Bunny Bunting, Baa Baa Blacksheep, Naughty Billy Goat, Piggy Wig, Billy Goat, Frisky Skippy and Trixy, Old Woman and Her Pig, Three Pigs, and many, many others

Illustrated by Maginel Wright Enright, and Frederick W. Richardson.  An excellent set of very collectible vintage school books.

Stories & Condition

Bo Peep and Her Sheep
Humpty Dumpty
Humpty Dumpty's Fall
Jack Horner and the Pie
Hey, Diddle, Diddle
Mrs. Sugar Bowl's Party
Dish and Mrs. Sugar Bowl
Old Mother Hubbard
Mother Hubbard's Party
The Cat and Miss Muffet
See, Saw, Marjory Daw
Red Hen's Nest
Dickory, Dickory, Dare
Red Hen and Brown Fox
The Cat and the Goose
Handy, Spandy, Jack-a-Dandy
The Greedy Lion
Ding, Dong, Bell
The Little Tin Soldier
Little Boy Blue
Boy Blue and the Drum
By, Baby Bunting
Bunny Bunting
Simple Simon Went a-Fishing
Why the Rabbit Laughed
The Buckwheat Boy
Baa, Baa, Black Sheep
Mistress Mary
The Naughty Billy Goat
Rab, Reb, Rib, Rob, Rub
Fa, Fe, Fi, Fo, Fu

Cock Crows at the Morn
Piggy Wig's House
There Was a Piper
Billy Goat and the Wolf
The Queen of Hearts
Tommy Tart
Three Little Kittens
Frisky, Skippy, and Trixy
There Was an Old Woman
Trading Babies
This Little Pig
The Three Pigs
Sing a Song of Sixpence
The Snowbirds
John Brown Had a Little Indian
Forest Rover
I Saw a Ship A-Sailing
The Clever Jackal
Mother Goose's May Party
The Alphabet

Frolic of the Fairies
Giant Giro
Bed in Summer
The Three Bears
To a Honeybee
How the Pony Was Won
Frogs at School
Spry Mouse and Mr. Frog
Song of the Grass
Unhappy Grass Stalk
The Moon
Mayor Rat's Niece
Who Has Seen the Wind?
Lilly Etta and Wee Bruin
Hindu Sykes and the Quails
The Fairy Artist
Cedar Three's Reward
The Babes in the Wood
Prince Roland
Who Stole the Bird's Nest? Punchinello
The Swing
A Mother Goose Circus
The Months
Princess Lilly
A Tale of Two Books
Stop, Stop, Pretty Water
Pouch Pelican
A Secret
Meadow Lark's Concert

VERY GOOD CONDITION - The covers are very nice to all three books. The Primer has light scuffing through the fabric on the spine and bottom edges. Covers to Book One and Two are very nice, square corners. All are bright and clean. Binding to the Primer is good, fabric on back strip is a little lose but firmly attached, binging to Books One and Two is very good and strong. No school stamps and only one name to Book One. Pages to the primer are bright with some soil spotting and a few page turning tears at binding. Pages to Books One and Two are very good and bright, no page tears found. No scribbling to pages, and no missing pages in any of the three books. Colors are very vivid. A very charming and nostalgic vintage set, great gift idea for those who love vintage children's books.

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