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The Developmental Reading Program
1954 - Third Grade Book

Cute stories at the zoo, of Indians then and now, of the pioneer days, lands far away and a section on if animals could talk.  Charmingly illustratied throughout.

Illustrated by well-known artists M.S. and A..F. Hurford.  A charming vintage school book. Great gift idea for those who love vintage children's book.

Stories & Condition

At the Zoo
Who Owned the Elephant?
The Funny Kangaroos
The Smallest Elephant
Lions That Bark
They Make You Laugh
Baboons at Brookfield

Indinas Then and Now
Naki and Bluebird
Ousta and His Family
Buffalo Hunters
Cliff Homes
Indian Whale Hunters

Pioneer Days
Covered Wagon Days
A Visit from the Martins
A Covered-Wagon Birthday

If Animals Could Talk
The Old Groundhog
The Beaver at Work
A Visit with Flat Tail
Flat Tail Takes a Walk

Lands Far Away
Sandros Plays a Joke
One Day with Manu
The Cricket and the Kite
Lucky Pierre
The Secret Box

Did It Really Happen?
Theopold Willy
Alexandra Gets a Permanent
The Adventure of Reynard
The Coyote and the Turtle
Christopher Cricket

VERY GOOD CONDITION - The covers are very good, bright and clean, with nice square corners. Binding is good and strong. No names, small pencil book number written inside front cover, no school stamps. Pages are very good, bright and clean. No page tears, no smells, no scribbling to pages, and no missing pages. Colors are very vivid. A very nice nostalgic school book.

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