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Rusty Wants a Dog, 1956
Core-Vocabulary Readers, 1st Reader
Miriam Blanton Huber

Very nice copy.  Nicely illustrated throughout in black and White. The Core-Vocabulary Readers offers complete and contiuous stories, written in wods familiar to children each grade level.

Only a small number of new words are introduced in each book.  Cute story and about a boy wanting a dog.  Very collectible.

Story List & Condition

Big Dogs and Little Dogs
Rusty Likes Animals
Rusty Wants a Dog
The Pet Store
Rusty Talks to Sue
How to Take Care of a Dog
To Boys and Girls

Puppy in the Street
Play in the Park
What Is That in the Street?
A Black and White Puppy
Puppy Has a Friend
To Boys and Girls

Who Lost the Puppy?
Mother and the Puppy
The Police
Time for Dinner
Back to the Park
Rusty and the Puppy
Lost and Found
Mr. Wood
To Boys and Girls

Good-By Patches
His Name is Patches
A Dog at Home
No Other Dog Will Do
One-Man Dog
Good-By Patches
To Boys and Girls

Mr. Wood's Farm
Rusty Has a Birthday
Hear the Dogs!
"Patches! Patches!"
So Many Dogs
Up on a Horse
Cows and Pigs
Home with Patches
To Boys and Girls

City Dog
Things to Learn
Look Out, Patches!
Patches Learns
Stop and Go
To Boys and Girls

Good Dog, Patches
A House for Patches
Bow-wow! Bow-wow!
Good Dog, Patches
Mr. Wood Comes Again
To Boys and Girls

VERY GOOD CONDITION - The covers are very nice with light edge rubbing and good corners. Small school stamp first blank page, no names, no writing and the pages are clean, bright and crisp with an occasional stray and very small mark. Binding is very good and strong. No molds, no smells, no tears and no missing pages. Very nice and charming vintage copy, an excellent book for collecting. A wonderful gift idea.

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