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Riley Songs of Home
1910 First Edition
James Whitcomb Riley
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A charming vintage book, filled with poetry and wonderful pencil sketches throughout by Will Vawter. 


As Created
As My Uncle Used To Say
At Sea
A Backward Look
The Best is Good Enough
The Boys
A Brave Refrain
Say Dreamer
A Feel in the Chris'mas Air
For You
A Good Man
Her Beautiful Hands
His Room
Honey Dripping from the Comb
How Did You Rest, Last Night?
In the Evening
It's Got to Be
John McKeen
Just to Be Good
Kneeling with Herrick
Laughter Holding Both His Sides
The Mulberry Tree
My Dancin' Days is Over
My Friend
Natural Perversities
Not Always Glad When We Smile
The Old Days
The Old Guitar
the Old Trundle Bed
Our Boyhood Haunts
Our Kind of a Man
Our Own
"Out of Reach?"
Out of the Hitherwhere
The Plaint Human
The Quest
The Rainy Morning
Reach Your Hand to Me
A Scrawl
Song of Parting
The Song of Yesterday
A Spring Song and a Later
"The Old Cherry Words"
Thinkin' Back
Through Sleepy-Land
To My Old Friend, William Leachman
To the Judge
We Must Believe
We Must Get Home
Who Bides His Time
Writin' Back to the Home-Folks

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