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Play with Us
2nd Basic Pre-Primer
1962 Lyons & Carnahan

Developmental Reading Series with Jane, Billy, Ann, Rex, Skip and others in the cute stories illustrated by A.F. and Miriam Story Hurford.

Only 18 new words appear in these stories of children's experiences, with a maximum of one new word per page.  Follows the first basic Pre-Primer, Three Of Us.  Cute book, perfect for home school and enjoying the past.

Stories & Condition


Billy Played
Ann Played
Skip and Jane
Jane Rides with Ann
Come to Play
Rex and the Airplane Skip Wants the Airplane
Jane and Billy
Ann, Billy, and Skip
Jane Came to Jump
Ann Came to Play

GOOD CONDITION - The covers are good, clean and bright. Edges and corners have rubbing and wear. Original tape binding is good with wear and one-inch split to bottom. School stamp blacked out first page. Pages are very good and bright, first few pages have soil spots, the remaining pages are clean with light use showing and a few small folded corners, no page tears found, no smells, no writing, no scribbling to pages, and no missing pages. Colors are very vivid. This is a very charming vintage copy.

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