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On Cherry Street
Betty, Tom and Susan, 1953
Ginn & Company

This 1st Reader, On Cherry Street, follows the Primer, The Little White House, and the Pre-Primers; My Little Blue Story Book, the second; My Little Green Story Book, the third.

On Cherry Street introduces 188 new words and all words previously taught are repeated throughout the stories in this vintage book.

Charming stories, with Tom, Susan, Betty, Nan, Flip the dog, Frisky the cat, and the funny monkey. Stores are all listed below.


We Go To School
Time for School
The Birthday Chair
Airplane Day
Tom and His Pockets
Betty's New School Bag
Betty and Nan
Story Time at School
Scat! Scat! Little Cat!

Fun at Home
Mr. Snowman
Paints and Pictures
The Surprise Cake
The Old Sled
Down Cherry Street Hill

Mr. Mac's Store
The Bread Wagon
The Lost Pocket
Apples and Eggs
Where is Bunny?
A Party for Ben

Story Time
The Pancake Man
The Monkey's House
Funny Bunny Rabbit, Folk Tale
Wee Little Woman, English Folk Tale
The Fox and the Turtle
One Little Feather

On Cherry Street
A Funny Monkey
The Street Sprinkler
Going to the Barber Shop
At the Toy Shop
Flip at the Gate

Spring Days at the Farm
One Spring Morning
Fish for Dinner
Flip at the Brook
The Big Noise
A Funny Party
Good Farmers
Home Again

Just for Fun
Ducks Like Rain
Mr. Rabbit and the Two Ducks
Spring Gardens
Up the Hill
About a Bee
Little Yellow Chick
Baby Bear
Poem -- Little Brown Bear
Poem -- The Cherry Tree

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