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The New Winston First Reader
Firman & Maltby
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The New Winston Readers

An adorable vintage children's book from the popular Winston Reader Series.  This book is very nice and has charming vintage water color illustrations. Cute stories, all listed below.

Wonderful  illustrations. A very charming copy. Scarce.

Story List

Pinky and Winky
The Wind and the Kite
Jumbo and the Tiger
Titty Mouse and tatty Mouse
The Sly Mouse
The Fox and His Bag
The Playmate
The Raindrop
The Clouds
The Little Tadpole
The Little Porridge Pot
The Dog and the Rooster
Little Chick's Fright
Brownies and Sunbeams
Star light, Star Bright
Finding the Stars
Peter Rabbit
A, B, C

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