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The Tale of Master Meadow Mouse
Arthur Scott Bailey
1921 ~ 1st edition - Scarce
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A charming vintage children's book about pudgy Master Meadow Mouse, who lived in Farmer Green's meadow.  His legs were so short and his taikl was so short and his ears were so short that he looked fatter than he really was.

Arthur Scott Bailey (1877 – 1949) was an author of more than forty children's books.

In very nice condtion this book is very charming with black and whte and 2-color illustrations throughout the stories.  Very charming!


A Fat Little Fellow
A Peep at the World
The Kitten
A Pleasant Stranger
Mr. Frog Insists
Meeting Mr. Crow
Nothing But Air
Moses Mouse
Miss Snooper
A Handy Sign
A Castle in the Air
A Midnight Frolic
A Moonlight Raid
The Masked Bandit
The Flood
On the Raft
A Lucky Escape
Under the Snow
Owl Friends
Eating a Tree
A Cold Dip
Fishing for Mice
Moving Day
Master or Mister?

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