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The Little White House
Betty, Tom and Susan, 1957
Ginn & Company
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This Primer, The Little White House, follows the three basic Pre-Primers, My Little Red Story Book, the first; My Little Blue Story Book, the second; My Little Green Story Book, the third.

The Little White House contains 99 new words and all 56 words learned in the Pre-Primers are repeated throughout the stories in this vintage book.

Charming stories with; Tom, Susan, Betty, Frisky the kitten, and Flip their dog.  Stories are listed below.


AT Home
Flip and Susan
Flip Wants to Help
The Little Chairs
A Surprise for Father
The Funny Bunny

The Pets
Something for Betty
The Kitten at Home
Come Down, Frisky
Frisky and Flip
Cowboy Tom
The Truck Ride

Birthday Surprises
The Birthday Wagon
A Birthday Cake
Birthdays Are Fun
Ready to Go
At the Toy Store

At the Farm
On the Train
The Big Train
A Party in the Barn
Tom and Mr. T. Turkey
In the Barn
Ready to Go

The New Toys
The Toy Truck
The Toy Mouse
The Toy Boat
The Race

Fun for You and Me
Funny Little Ducks
The Kittens' Dinner
Mr. Gobble-Gobble
Little Red Hen
the Mouse in the Play House

Fun at Home and Away
To Nan's House Fun with Nan and Jack
Who Is Big?
Funny Surprises
Susan Helps, Too
Poem -- Our House
Poem -- Our Tree

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