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John and Jean ~ Primer 1932
Pickard and Simpson
American Book Company

A very rare copy of an adorable vintage children's book. 

Adorable vintage stories with John and Jean. Stories about the seasons, the North Wind, the South Wind, Deep Snow, Santa Claus, and others. 

This book also includes Book Two, and Book Three. Adorable vintage school book, charming stories and vintage water-color illustrations that are wonderful and iconic. Rare book, more so in this condition.

Story List

Stories of Autumn
West Wind Comes to See John and Jean
John and Jean Go to the Big South Woods
Stories of Winter
North Wind Comes to See John and Jean
A Deep, Deep Snow Comes
The Snow Man
Santa Claus Comes to See John and Jean
Stories of Spring
South Wind Comes to See John and Jean
The Birds Come
The Orioles Make a Nest
The Kite

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