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Jim and Judy (with Tags)
The New Work and Play Books
1939 ~ 1st Grade Primer

A charming vintage school book with Jim, Judy, and Tags.  Beautifully illustrated throughout the wonderful stories. Very nice copy, in very good condition.

Introduces and repeats basic and simple words,  simple words like; he, box, good, Jim's, can, pull, into, all, of, with, no, have, happy, ran, stick, cut, out, toys, barn, black, eggs, hens, animal, barked, and many more for a total of 144 new words.  Wonderful  illustrations. A very charming copy.

Story List


Birthday Surprises
Jim and the Birthday Present
Jim and Father
The Toy Farm

Judy and the Birthday Present
Judy and Mother
The Red Wagon

We Have a Birthday
The Birthday Presents
The Birthday Surprise

The Airplane
Fun for Tags
Fun for Jim and Judy

We Go to the Airport
At the Airport
The Airplane Ride
Where Is Tags?

We Go to the Farm
A Train Ride
The Cows
The Hens
Twinkle and the Rooster

The Story of the Black Rooster
The Little Chickens
The Man in the City
A Letter from the City
The Train
The City
The Store Window
The Two Houses
Away from Home
The Little Girls
The Little Boys
A Letter from the Farm
The Black Rooster at Home

We Go to School
The First Day of School
The Rabbit
The First Grade Makes a House

The Story of the Little White House
In the Woods
The Boy and the Girl
Black Dog
Yellow Cat
Red Rooster
Brown Hen
Gray Rabbit
Brown Horse
The Little White House

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