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I Know a Secret
Easy Growth in Reading
1st Reader 1st Semester
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A nostalgic copy of an adorable vintage children's book.  This book is used and still nice, the covers are nicer than the photo shows.  Charming vintage water color illustrations. Cute stories, all listed below.

Wonderful  illustrations. A very charming copy. With Bob and Nancy, Anne, Tom and Don, Trigger and others. Scarce.

Story List

Play Time
Guess What Bob Has
Here Are Tom and Don
I Know a Story
Yellow Duck's Corn
After the Story
The Puppies at Home

Snow! Snow!
Fun in the Snow
The Snow Man
The Sun's Joke

Spring is Here
The Bird House
Rain! Rain!
Play in the Rain
At School
Miss Hall's Book
After School
Where is My Doll?

Something Smells Good
Nancy's Surprise
Nancy and Father
A Good Little Bear
Little Bear's Walk in the Woods
Wake Up, Little Bear

A Birthday
Anne's Birthday
At the Store
A Doll
The Candy Dog

The Circus
The Circus is Coming
On the Bus
At the Circus
Frisk, a Little Dog
Going Home

Back HOme at the Farm
Jack's Letter
Trigger and the Bee
Easter Morning

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