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Ideal Book for Tinies
No Date Circa 1950's ~ Imps and Fairy Stories
Dean & Son, London

A very charming vintage story book about imps and fairies. An inscription on the inside front cover from Grandma and Grandpa, dated 1958.   Illustrated throughout in black and white with one very vivid color plate. 

Stories like: The Naughty Imps, Nigger's New Name, Dame Tansy and Her Broom, The Lazy Donkey, Christmas at Holly-Tree Cottage, That Dog Next Door, The Fairy Piper, Yellow Beaks and Funny Feet, and many more all listed right below 

Authors such as: Madeleine Collier, Dora Cook, Catherine Morris, "Evelina", Gillian Lowry, Eunice Close, Susan Jolly, and many others. 


Colin Gets Busy, by Madeleine Collier
The Whistling Kettle, by Aileen E. Passmore
The Naughty Imps, Sylvia Allen
Pipsie's New Home, by Dora Cook
Samuel Snail, by Eunice Close
Lost and Found Again, by Mary Steer
Dame Tansy and Her Broom, by Catherine Morris
Lily's Flowers, by Muriel Hawes
We Wanted a Parrot, by Aileen E. Passmore
Nigger's New Name, by Charles Griffiths
Mr. To-To, by "Evelina"
Simon's First Party, Gillian Lowry
Roy and the Robin, by Isobel Norgrove
Autumn Leaves, by Eunice Close
The Yellow Balloon, by "Evelina"
The Lazy Donkey, by K. Atkinson
Mr. Sleepy-Head's New Clock, by Aileen E. Passmore
The Tambourine, by "Evelina"
At the Zoo, Gillian Lowry
A Find in the Woods, by Clement Wood
Christmas at Holly-Tree Cottage, by Charles Griffiths
Mrs. Bumble's Shop, Aileen E. Passmore
The Dog Next Door, by Reginald Brown
That Blackbird, Eunice Close
The Old Humming Top, by Roy Brown
The Fairy Piper, by Norah Burton
Margery May's Birthday Hankies, by Susan Jolly
Yellow Beaks and Funny Feet, by Isobel Norgrove

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