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1943 - First Grade Book

Adorable vintage stories with Paul and Betty, stories like; Little Helpers, Fun at the Pet Store, The Circus Parade, Playing Mother Goose, and others. Cute book, charming stories and vintage water-color illustrations.

Illustrated by well-known artists M.S. and A..F. Hurford.  Designed to follow the book, "Paul and Betty"  and "At Home and School". A charming vintage school book. Great gift idea for those who love vintage children's book.

Stories & Condition

Little Helpers
Play Time
Helpers at Home
A Name for the Dog
Where is Brownie?

The Nature Corner
Little Helpers in School
Big Plants
A Box for the Garden
Painting the Box
Making a Nature Corner

Fun at the Pet Store
The Little Chicks
The Little Black Chick
Buying a Goldfish

Fun in the Nature Corner
The Big Goldfish
The Two Goldfish
A Surprise
Fun with the Frogs

Making a Zoo
In the Playroom
Dinner Time
At the Dinner Table
The New Surprise

A Visit to the Park
In the Room
On the Street
The Park
The Three Bears
Other Animals
The Monkey House
In the Playground

The Circus Parade
Waiting for the Parade
The Clowns
Circus Animals
The Three Wagons
The Girl on the Horse

Playing Mother Goose
New Pictures
The New Game
The Girl in Blue
A Funny Little Man
The Little Old Woman

Story Time
The New Story Book
The Thirsty Crow
The Big Lion
The Lion and the Ropes

ABOVE GOOD CONDITION - The covers are good, bright and clean, with corner bumping and wear through the fabic. Binding is good and strong. No names, small school stamps inside front cover. Pages are good, bright and mostly clean, some use showing with a few pages having soil spots and small page turning tears, no large tears. No smells, no page tears other than one half inch closed end tear at binding to the last vocabulary page, no scribbling to pages, and no missing pages. Colors are very vivid. A very charming and nostalgic school book.

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