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Good Times, 1927
Pose and Poetry Series
1965 4th Grade

This little book has seen it's day, with a lot of use, page tears with most being taped neatly, two pages are missing, and because it has some of the best stories and illustrations I am listing it. 

Lots of wondeful folk tales from Germany, Russia, and Scandinaviab\n folk tales. Jack and Jill, Little Bo-Peep, Little Boy Blue, The Three Bears are all here as well.

Artwork by Kate Greenaway, and the stories; The Little Jumping Girls, A Flower Boat, What I Have.   The stories are charming, the artwork is adorable.

Stories & Condition

Animal Friends
Who Was Lost?, Catherine Bryce
Yes. No., Informal Test
Wait and See, Russian Folk Tale
Little Gray Rabbit, Portuguese Folk Tale
Making Picture, Something to Do
Dark Pony, Southern Tale
A Sleepytown Song, Christina Rossetti

Songs to Sing
March! March!
Sleep, My Baby, Christina Rossetti
Marching Songs and Lullabies, a Music Test

What the Children Do
Singing Time, Rose Fyleman
Please and Thank You, Catherine T. Bryce
What to Say, Elizabeth Turner
What I Say
The Penny
Jack's Penny
Spend or Save?
Blowing Bubbles, Gertrude Smith
Bubbles, Eleanor Farjeon

Some of Mother Goose's Children
Little Bo-Peep, Mother Goose
Jack and Jill, Mother Goose
Little Boy Blue, Mother Goose
The Little Dog Laughed, Mother Goose
Why Little Dog Laughed, Anna Temple

Good Temples

All Useful, Scandinavian Folk Tale
Who Am I?, Two Riddles
The Bun, Russian Folk Tale
Which Is Right?
Peas Porridge, Mother Goose
The Porridge Pot, Mother Goose
Number Rimes, for Rime Making
The Round Things, Riddles

Kate Greenaway Picture-Poems
The Little Jumping Girls
A Flower Boat
What I Have
Kate Greenaway

A Tale Children Like

The Three Bears

For Our Holidays
Thanksgiving in the Barn
Thanking Friends
At People's Gates, Emily Rose Burt
Christmas Song, Old English Carol
Wee Robin, Scottish Folk Tale
A Flag Song

In This Book
Good Night, Victor Hugo

READING CONDITION - The covers are good, with edge and corner wear. Binding is good, a little loose at back strip. Names inside on first blank page. Pages are fair to poor, with several closed end page tears repaired neatly with tape. Two pages torn and missing. No smells, no writing, and no scribbling to pages. Colors are still vivid. A very charming vintage copy.

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