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Good sTories, 1st Grade Reader
Easy Growth in Reading
1940 Mac & Muff Series

Good Stories is an excellent first grade book, designed for the 2nd half of first grade reading, and is  part of the Bob and Nancy, Mac and Muff series. This book is very charming with adorable stories.  An excellent early reader.

Bright and cheery illustrations in each of the cute stories. Illustrated by Erick Berry and Frederick Chapman.

Simple repetitive words and short sentences helps children retain what they are learning. The adorable characters and illustrations help keep their interest.

Stories and Condition

The Monkey and the Mirror
The Rubber Circus
Bushy Tail and Chatter-box
The Frogs' Secret
The Frog and the Red Bird
Mr. and Mrs. Bantam and the Fox
Red Rooster's Trick
Who Looks Funny?
The Brownies and the Sand-man
A Christmas Story
Fuzzy Rabbit's Easter Cards

VERY GOOD CONDITION - The covers are very nice, bright and clean, light rubbing, nice corners that have light rubbing. Small school stamp inside front cover, no names. Pages are very good, bright and clean, illustrations are bright. No page tears found, no writing, and no missing pages. A very nice vintage copy.

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