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Fun In Story, Primer
Easy Growth in Reading Series
1940 Mac & Muff Series
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Fun in Story is an excellent 2nd Primer, designed for first grade reading, part of the Bob and Nancy, Mac and Muff series, this book is charming with very cute stories.

Bright and cheery illustrations in each of the cute stories. Illustrated by Erick Berry and Frederick Chapman

Simple repetitive words and short sentences helps children retain what they are learning. The adorable characters and illustrations help keep their interest.


Stories for You
Three Little Rabbits
Bushy Tail and Bob Tail
Three Little Hens on the Farm
Mr. Rooster and the Ducks
Little Elephant and the Water
Big Bear's Sack
Toy Fairy's Party
Halloween and Christmas
Yellow Pumpkin and Pussy
A Christmas Story
Toys for Boys and Girls

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