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Fun and Frolic ~ Reaing for Interest
1942 Edition, 3rd Grade Language Arts Reader

A wonderful series of stories and poems by various authors. Some of the stories are Sneakers by Margaret Wise Brown, The Ghost of a Pirate by Robin Palmer and lots more. Many beautiful color and b&w illustrations throughout the stories make this book of the Reading for Interest series very delightful for any reader, young or old..

Follows these books in the series:  Ned and Nancy, Bigger and Bigger, Little Lost Dog, Molly Pete and Ginger, A Home for Sandy, Rain and Shine, Something Different, and, Lost and Found

Precedes these books: Luck and Pluck, Merry Hearts and Bold.


Up and Down the Road
Tinker's Adventures
The Falling Star
The Little Scarecrow Boy
The Black Cat and the Pumpkin
Old Snapper
The Little Turtle
The Bend in the Road
County Fair Day

They Wanted a Pet
Kittens' Questionnaire
Jim Junper
The Wanted a Horse

On the Way
Runaway Song
Mr. Timothy's Boat Yard
The Fish with the Deep Sea Suite
Moving Day
The Little Old Country Cat
Stunt Saturday
Tornado Weather

Really True
The First Balloon Ride
Crazy Rider
Little Blacknose

Not Likely
Ebenezer Never Could Sneezer
The Tame Giraffe
Jump-Rope Rhymes
The Ghost of a Pirate
There Once Was a Puffin

Wise Animlas
The Tortoise and the Elephant
The Elephant and the Whale
Take Away One
The Monkey and the Crocodile
The Tame Swan Talks to the Wild Swan
Granny's Blackie

Foolish People
The Good Flea and the Wicked King
Molly Whipple
Pekka and the Rogues
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