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Finding New Neighbors, 1953
Ginn Basic Reading Program

Finding New Neighbors is a charming 3rd grade book, with Sally, Jack, little George, Tammie their dog, Mr. Brown their next door neighbor, and others. Wonderful animal stories charmingly illustrated throughout. and follows the 2nd grade reader, Around the Corner.

Ranches and Rainbows introduces 349 new words maintains words previously learned. A very charming 3rd grade book.

Stories & Condition

Pets and Playtime
There Was Tammie!
What to Do about Molly
A Bath for Hamlet
Poem - The Welcome
Staying All Night
Cowboys Are Brave
Big Barby

At the Zoo
Giraffes and Monkeys
Strange Friends
Poem - Tiger
A Day with the Doctor
Poem - Wonderful Day!
The Little Cat That Could Not Sleep

Just for Fun
Poem - A Bookish Little Bug
Timothy Turtle
Poem - Wish
New Shoes
How Percival Caught the Tiger
The Goblin Who Was Truned into a Door Knocker
A Good Man and His Good Wife

Indian Children
Little Fox of the Forest
Blue Cornflower
Poem - Home
The Eagle Hunt

Americans All
The Cowboy Suit
Poem - The Harper's Farm
Up in the Clouds
New Moon and the Dragon
Bobby Learns to Pitch
Balls and Puppets

Days Everyone LIkes
The Boy Who Believed
A Tall Halloween Story
Poem - Thanksgiving Day
Christmas with Stina Mor
Valentine Hearts

School Days
The Youngest Patrol Boy
David Makes a Truck
Poem - Gasoline Truck
The Swapping Party

Old, Old Stories
The Cap That Mother Made
The Crow and the Pitcher
The Lion and the Mouse
The Hillman and the Housewife
The Traveling Musicians
Poem - The Donkey
Poem - Chanticleer

ABOVE GOOD CONDITION - The covers are good, clean and bright, with light rubbing and small bumping to corners. No school stamps, names written inside front and back covers and to first blank page. Pages are very clean and bright, no page tears and no scribbling to pages, a few page corner folds. No molds and no storage smells. Colors are very vivid. A nice vintage reader, perfect for reminiscing and for homeschool.

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