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[1942], 1955
VERY GOOD CONDITION. Hard cover, 512 pages. Stories selected by Sidnoie Matsner Gruenberg.  Illustrated by Kurt Wiese.  Published by Double Day & Company. Adorable vintage children's book filled with treasured stories. Sections are:  Real Children and Real Things, Stories about Animals, Stories of Make-Believe, Fairy Tales, Tales of Laughter. 

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story list

Real Children and Real Things
The Little Cowboy, by Margaret Wise Brown
William and Jane, by Dorothy Aldis
Little Eddie Goes to Town, by Carolyn Haywood
The Good Little Bad Little Pig, by Margaret Wise Brown
How the Singing Water Got to the Tub, by Lucy Sprague Mitchell
The Rabbit Hunt, by Muriel Fellows
The Little Boy Who Wasn't Lost, by Julilly H. Kohler
The Tugboat Picture Scripts
Pelle's New Suit, by Elsa Beskow
The Poppy Seed Cakes, by Margery Clark
Ballet, by Emma L. Brock
The Cap That Mother Made: A Swedish Tale
How Little Pear Wanted Both a Top and a Tang-Hulur
by Eleanor Frances Lattimore
The Red Gasoline Pump, by Lucy Sprague Mitchell
Be Fellow's First Job, by Dorothy Walter Baruch
(Dorothy Baruch also authored the Merry-Go-Round
in the Dick and Jane readers)

The Twins and Tabiffa, by Constance Heward
Charlie Rides in the Engine of a Real Train,
by Helen Hill and Violet Maxwell
LIsa's Song, by Ruth Kennell
P-Penny and His Little Red Cart, by Amy Wentworth Stone
The Trading Post, by Ann Nolan Clark
The Middle Bear, by Eleanor Estes
Indians in the House, by Laura Ingalls Wilder
Airplane Andy, by Sanford Tousey
Animal Crackers, by Christopher Morley
The Cupboard, by Walter de la Mare
General Store, by Rachel Field

Stories About Animals
The House Who Had His Picture in the Paper,
by Phyllis McGinley
The Silver Flower, Rhea Wells
Puddle: The Real Story of a Baby Hippo
by Ruth Ann Waring and Helen Wells
The Coming of Max, by Mabelle Halleck St. Clair
The Blue-Eyed Pussy, by Egon Mathiesen
His First Bronc, by Will James
Casey Joins the Circus, by Dorothea F. Dobias
The Sandy Mound by the Thicket, by Alice Gall and Fleming Crew
Black Face, by Thelma Harrington Bell
The Shire Colt, by Zhenya and Jan Gay
Karoo, the Kangaroo, by Kurt Wiese
Almost an Ambush, by Le Grand Henderson
Pony Penning Day, by Marguerite Henry
New Folks Coming, by Robert Lawson

Stories of Make-Believe
And to Think that I Saw It on Mulberry Street, by Dr. Seuss
The Turtle Who Couldn't Stop Talking, by Ellen C. Babbitt
How Ice Cream Came, by Carolyn Sherwin Bailey
Puddleby, by Hugh Lofting
The Lion-Hearted Kitten, by Peggy Bacon
The Fierce Yellow Pumpkin, by Margaret Wise Brown
Blue Silver, by Carl Sandburg
Johnny Ping Wing, by Ethel Calvert Phillips
Carrie-Barry-Annie, by Rose Fyleman
Little Boy Pie, by Eleanor Farjeon
He Is Our Guest, Let's Not See His Mistakes, by Angelo Patri
The Magic Glass, by Richard Hughes
Henry and His Dog Henry, by Wlater R. Brooks
Space Ship to the Moon, by E.C. Reichert
Thinking, Thinking, Thinking, by Moreton Abbott

Fairy Tales
The Three Bears
The Ugly Duckling, adapted from Hans Christian Andersen
Snow White
The Frog Prince, adapted from Wilhelm and Jakob Grimm
The Magic Fish-Bone, by Charles Dickens
The Steadfast Tin Soldier
The Emperor's New Clothes, adapted rom Hans Christian Andersen
The Apple of contentment, by Howard Pyle

Folk Tales
Why the Baby Says "Goo": A Tale of the Penobscot Indians, by Gilbert L. Wilson
The Wonderful Tar-Baby Story: A Tale of the U.S.A.,
after Joel Chandler Harris
The Coyote and the Fox: A Tale of the North American Indians,
by Elizabeth Willis DeHuff
The Foolish, Timid Little Hare: An East Indian Tale
The Three Wishes: A Swedish Tale
The White Hare of Inabi: A Tale of Japan
by Frances Jenkins Olcott
The Girl Who Could Think: A Chinese Tale
Too Heavy: A Tale from Persia, by Alice Greer Kelsey
Talk: A Tale from Africa,
by Harold Courlander and George Herzog
The Wisdom of Solomon: A Tale from Old Israel,
by Elizabeth Coatsworth
A Week of Sundays: An Irish Tale by Margaret Baker
The Dutch Boy and the Dike: A tale of Holland
The Snow Maiden: A Russian Tale
The Little Rooster and the Turkish Sultan: A Hungarian Tale,
by Kate Seredy
The Boy Who drew Cats: A Tale of Japan, by Lafeadio Hearn
The Vegetable Tree: A Mayan Tale, by Dorothy Rhoads
The Terrible Olli: A Tale of Finland, by Parker Fillmore
Ah Tcha the Sleeper: A Chinese Tale, by Arthur Bowie Chrisman
The Lazy Farmer: A East Indian Tale, by Jane Prescott
The Tiger's Tail: An Indonesian Tale, by Harold Courlander
Davy Crockett: A Tale of the U.S.A., by Michael Gorham

Myths and Fables
The Wind and the Sun: An Aesop Fable
The Fox and the Grapes: An Aesop Fable
The Country Maid and Her Milk Pail: An Aesop Fable
King Midas and the Golden Touch
Pandora's Box
Androcles and the Lion
The Shepard Boy and the Wolf: An Aesop Fable
Why the Sea is Salt, adapted Geroge Webbe Dasent

Bible Stories
The Flood and Noah's Ark
Joseph and His Brethen
Moses in the Bulrushes
DAvid and Goliath
The Nativity
Jesus in the Temple
Jesus Helaing the Blind
The Loaves and Fishes
Three Parables of Jesus
The Lost Sheep
The Good Samaritan
The Prodigal Son

Tales of Laughter

Winnie the Pooh Goes Visiting, by A.A. Milne
The Elephant's Child, by Rudyard Kipling
Ask Mr. Bear, by Marjorie Flack
The Merry-Go-Round and the Griggses, by Caroline D. Emerson
The Story of Ferdinand, by Munro Leaf
The Monkey and the Crocodile, by Ellen C. Babbitt
The Princess Whom Nobody Could Silence, by Veronica Hutchinson
Rhyming Ink, by Margaret Baker
Samson, by Peggy du Laney
Elizabeth -- The Cow Ghos, by William Pene Du Bois
Ol' Paul and His Camp, by Glen Rounds
Mr. A and Mr. P, by Margery Williams Bianco
The Peterkins Try to Become Wise, by Lucretia P. Hale
The Fish with the Deep Sea Smile, by Margaret Wise Brown
The Owl and the Pussycat, by Edward Lear
Father William, by Lewis Carroll
Five Nonsense Verses, by Edward Lear


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