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Fact and Story Readers, 1931
Suzzallo - Freeland - Mclaughlin - Skinner
Book Four

Very nice copy.  Nicely illustrated.  Stories like; Wooden Shoes, Toto's Holiday in Town, Kah-da of the Far North, Sweet Memories of Clytie, the Elephant. A Little Girl Who Lived in Fairyland, and more. A very nice collector.

Stories by: Hans Christian Andersen, Charles Kingsley, Dinah Maria Mulock, Lois Lenski, Thornton W. Burgess, Andrew Lang, and others.

Stories & Condition


Harvey's New-Found Friends
**An Introduction to Book Four**

Sailing the Seven Seas
An Invitation to Nova Scotia
The Northern Seas
The Monarch of the Sea
Kah-da of the Far North
The Bronze Door Knocker
The Barrel-Organ Man
Wooden Shoes
Seeing the Marionettes
Toto's Holiday in Town
Sweet Memories of Clytie, the Elephant
Kite Flying in Japan
A Sea Song
Stevenson and the Little Princess
A Volcano in Princess Kaiulani's Islands
The Night Bird

Boys and Girls Who Became Famous
Hans Andersen, the Maker of Fairy Tales
The Ugly Duckling
James Watt, the Inventor of the Steam Engine
The Maid of Orleans
A Boy of Old Vienna
A Little Girl Who Lived in Fairyland
The Greedy Shepherd
The Leprecaun, or Fairy Shoemaker

Out-of-Door Tales
Making a Garden
Green Things Growing
The Fairy Tailor
The Red Ant
A boy's Song
Two Animal Stories
**Bruno, the Bear**
**The Greedy Wolf**
Little Joe Otter's Slippery Slide
Story of a Beaver
The Elf and the Dormouse
The Undaunted Home Makers
A Boy Who Knew Birds' Ways
The Anxious Leaf
The Jack-O'-Lantern Party
The Snow
A Lively Sledride
Animal Crackers
In Time's Swing

Doing the World's Work
A Knight Came Flying
Tea from the Far East
Old Fashioned Telegraphs
The Sympathetic Steam Roller
Homemade Linen
McCormick and His Reaper
Scythe Song
A Boy's Fight for His Donkey
A Brave Fireman
The Life-Savers of Lone Hill
The Forest Ranger

In Story Land
Pins and Needles
The Winds, the Birds, and the Telegraphs
Two Russian Fables
**The Elephant in Favor**
**The Wolf and the Cat**
A Riddle
The Four Brothers
The Two FRogs
The Cock and the Fox

The Making of America
Sailing Westward with Columbus
The Sons of Columbus Watch for His Return
The Heroine of Fort Henry
Washington and the Corporal
We Thank Thee
Thanksgiving Day
A Song for Flag Day
Billy and Boko
Elizabeth Ann's New School
Sheep in the Grain Field
The Iron Stove of Benjamin Franklin

VERY GOOD CONDITION - The covers are very good and bright, with very little wear showing, just a hint of fading. Corners are good with light bumping. School slip first blank page, two names shown. Binding is very good and strong. Pages are good with light aging and light soil to just a few. A very charming book, no page tears found, no smells from storage, no serious flaws only light use. This is a very charming and nostalgic rare children's book, an excellent book for home school, vintage book collections and reminiscing.

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