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Down the River Road
The Alice & Jerry Reading Program
1963 2nd Grade Reading Readiness
Down the River Road Alice and Jerry Reading Program

Down the River Road is 2nd grade Reading Readiness book that is designed to follow the Pre-Primers, Primer, First Reader, and 2nd Reader. All words learned in the previous books are reviewed in this book.  No page has more than two new words.

Stories with: Jerry and Jack, Mr. Bones,  Mr. Woods, Fisherman Carl (Mr. Carl), Fisherman Bill, and others.

Stories & Condition

Hilltop Farm
The Big Red Truck
Good-by, Jack!
On the Road to Hilltop Farm
Hilltop Farm

Mr. Bones
What Can It Be?
No Ride Today
Friends to Make
Rides and More Rides

Mr. Bones
One Wish and Then Another
Fisherman Joe
The Big Day
Off for the River
Mr. Carl, Sleepy-Head

Suits for Two
Oh, for Some Money!
What Can We Do?
HOw Can We Get to Town!
Off for Riverside
Riverside Again

EXCELLENT CONDITION - The covers are gorgeous, bright and with very light corner bumping. Small school stamp inside front cover, no names. Pages throughout are clean and bright, no writing, no scribbling, no page tears, no storage smells. Colors are very vivid. A gorgeous Alice and Jerry book.

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