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The Child's World, Primer
1917 Baby Ray Stories!
Johnson Publishing


Very charming and highly popular vintage children's book, the Primer with Baby Ray and the Baby Ray Go-to-Sleep stories. This Primer is filled with charming stories and exquisite vintage water color illustrations.

Baby Ray is in several stories. A super rare and charming vintage children's book. Very popular and very hard-to-find.


Baby Ray and His Pets
The Go-to-Sleep Story
The Wake-Up Story
Breakfast in the Barnyard
A Wish
The Moon
Another Go-to-Sleep Story
Another Wake-Up Story
What Shall I Buy?
To Market
Baa, Baa, Black Sheep
A Little Shepard
A little Sheepherdess
Thank You
Lucy Locket
Little Betty Blue
Humpty Dumpty
Jack and Jill
Something to Do
Something to Guess
Something to Say
Red Hen's Nest
Who Will Feed Us?
Kitty's Breakfast
The Birds
The Wind and the Apple
Little Rabbit
The Little Pig
Jack's Pig
The Goats in the Rye Field
A Song
Word List

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