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The Child's World, First Reader
Johnson Publishing

Very cute and very popular series. This first reader is filled with charming stories and exquisite vintage water color illustrations. Follows the very popular Primer with stories of Baby Ray. With stories equally as charming, Baby Ray is not in this book. A beautiful vintage children's book. Very popular and hard-to-find.


Did You Ever See a Lassie?
Blind Man's Buff
Counting-out Rime
The Mulberry Bush
Ellen's Party
Kitty's Party
A Rainy Day
The Broken Doll
The White Pidgeon
Strange Lands
The Little Brown Bird
Three Little Kittens
The Wee, Wee Boy
The Wee, Wee Woman
What Frightened White Rabbit
The Rooster and the Grasshopper
The Man and the Acorn
The Boy and the Fox
Sun and Rain
Polly and Molly
Who Will Trade?
Christmas Bells
A Christmas Joke
Going to Town
Why the Cat Washes After Eating
The Turtle and the Ducks
The Pot and the Kettle
I Won't Wait
Early to Bed
The Living Alarm Clock
Dark Pony
Billy Bob Tail
At the Seaside
The Fox and the Little Red Hen
Little White Rabbit
The Race
The End of the Day
Word List

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