TagNwag Books & Bears
Child Story Readers ~ Primer
Illustrated by Vera Stone Norman
1927-29 Edition with Jack & Jane

Charming Primer, with Jack and Jane, and Terry their black and white terrier who loves to play. Cute stories throughout and adorable illustrations on each page.

Words are repetitive, the theory that worked long ago to teach many to read, this book uses a total of 361 words.


Stories & Condition

Jack and Jane and Their Friends
Jack Kitty
Terry's House
Kitty's House
Yes No

Jack and Jane at Play
The Playhouse
The Birthday
The Birthday Party
Yes No
The Picnic
Jack and Terry
In the Sand
Waht Is It? What Am I?
Jane Makes Cakes in the Sand
Jack's Scooter
Jane's Scooter

At School and at Work
Jack and Jane Go to School
In School
The Milkman Comes to School
Peter's Work
The Play Party
Sailing His Boat
Jack's Work
What Is My Name?
The Organ Man

Jack and Jane Go Away from Home
Jane's Letter
Going to See Grandmother
On the See Saw
The Circus

Animal Stories and Fables
Jack Rabbit's School
The Baby Show
Pussy Moppet
Word List


VERY GOOD CONDITION - The covers are very bright with a rubbing and light fray to top of binding. Binding is very good and strong. Child's name in pencil and school stamp to first blank page. Pages are very good, bright and clean, with only the 2nd story page having a one inch page turning tear at spine, 3rd image down to the right! No smells, no scribbling to pages, and no missing pages. Colors are vivid. An adorably illustrated vintage reader, very nostalgic, an excellent book for vintage book lovers.

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