TagNwag Books & Bears
Child Story Readers First Reader
Illustrated by Vera Stone Norman
1930 with Jack & Jane

Charming first reader with Jack and Jane, and Terry their black and white terrier who loves to play. Cute stories throughout and adorable illustrations on each page.

Words are repetitive, the theory that worked long ago to teach many to read, this book uses a total of 361 words.


Stories & Condition

Children at Play
On the Slide
On the Teeter
The Clock
Playing Postoffice
The Snow Man
Mother Goose Children
Jack and Jane Make Butter
The Rat and the Elephant
Yes No

Robin's Nest
What Bird Am I?
The Humming Bird

Toys and Playthings
The Toy Store
Letters to Santa
Donald's Dream

Children's Pets
Kitty Tom
The Little White Mice
The Wise Old Cat
Find the Right Word

The Farm and Out-of-Door Fun
At the Farm
Jack and Donald Ride the Calves
In the Hay
The Little Black Hen
Yes No
Going Swimming
The Story of Jane's Dress
Gong Home

Interesting Animals
Jumbo's Bath
Yes No
Jumbo Learns to Swim
Can You Tell?
Jumbo Learns to Walk Under Water
Yes No
The Ducklings

The Fireman
The Fire House
The Policeman
The Scissors-man
The Grocer
Tell What They Do

What Am I?

Old Tales
The Birds and Aniumals at War -
an American Indian Tale
Yes No
Why the Sea Roars
Yes No
The Magic Whistle
Find the Right Word


EXCELLENT CONDITION - The covers are very bright with a very light rubbing. Binding is very good and strong. No names, no school stamps. Pages are good, bright and clean with small tears at spine! No smells, no scribbling to pages, and no missing pages. Colors are vivid. A charming used vintage reader, very nostalgic, an excellent book for vintage book lovers.

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