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Children and Books
May Hill Arbuthnot
3rd Edition

Children and Books by May Hill Arbuthnot

Covers the body of childrens literature, illus. What books to look for in relation to part icular children and their needs.  The Scott-Foresman professional series: Educating America's children.

The Child and His Books, The Adult and the Child's Books, Children's Books; History and Trends, The Artist and the Child's Books, Mother Goose and the Ballads, Poetry of the Child's World; Nonsense and Everyday, Growing Up with Poetry, Using Poetry with Children, Verse Choirs, Old Magic, Fables Myths and Epics, New Magic, Storytelling and Reading Aloud, Animal Stories, Here and Now, Other Times and Places, Biography, Reading for Information, Reading and Creative Expression, Reading and the Mass Media, Reading in the Family, Guide to Pronunciation, Subject Index, Index to Authors Illustrators and titles.


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