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Chatterbox Cats and Dogs
M.A. Donohue
1909 ~ 1st edition - RARE - No. 252
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Edited Anna Robinson. Illustrated by Harrison Weir & others. Published by M. A. Donohue. Gorgeous illustrations in black and white line drawings. A very rare collector.  Nice, tight clean with pages slightly yellowed from age.

A new story and illustration on every two pages. Very charming!


Isaac the Fisherman
Rex, the Collie
Tabby's Strange Children
A Faithful Dog
Gregory's Happy Family
Collie Prevents an Accident
The Birthday Puppy
How Jinks Was Lost
A Doctor's Dog
Frisky's Fright
King Ruric
Walter's Violin
Lost and Saved
The Wish
Naughty Rover
Pussy and the Ball
A Kind Friend
Kitties Tail
The Two Sentinels
A Devoted Mother
GreyFriars Bobby
Nimrod the Hunter
Ruth's Protector
Fan and the Jackdaw
The Tramps
A Cunning Cat
The Sick Terrier
The Birthday Gift
A Rescue
The Friends
A Wise Terrier
The Penalty
Flavia and Her Babies
Jocko's Mishap
Bounce and Shag
A Surprise
A Little Hero

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