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The Brave and Free ~ Reaing for Interest
1955 Edition, 6th Grade Language Arts Reader

Beautiful color illustrations throughout highlight wonderful 6th grade stories. This is a reader where the stories were selected by award winning children"s novelist and author Barbara Nolen. Excellent stories and illustrations for 6th grade children.

Follows these books in the series:  Ned and Nancy, Bigger and Bigger, Little Lost Dog, Molly Pete and Ginger, A Home for Sandy, Rain and Shine, Something Different, Lost and Found, Secrets and Surprises, Fun and Frolic, Do and Dare, Luck and Pluck, Merry Hearts and Bold..


Baffin Bay to Patagonia
Tivo and His Turkey
Battle with a Giant Squid
Catching a Condor
Quarry Girl
Santos, the House Hunter
Ootik's First Whale
Ginger Follows the Trail

Hike to the Hills
A Song of Greatness
In a Tree

With Skill and Luck
The Runaway Plane
Racing a Thunderstorm
By Hook or Crook
Whitey's First Roundup
Christmas Present Race

Speed Ways
A Locomotive
Sky High
The Kayak
Outboard Motor

Working and Winning
Corn-Belt Billy
Meals for Mickey
The Junior Team
Martin's Discovery
Carolina Possum Hunt

Songs of Greatness
The Boy Washington
Abraham Lincoln
Clara Barton

Cabins in the Clearing
The Puritan Cat
The Wilderness Cow
Always Face a Panther
The Peddler's Clock
Angel on Skis

Animals Brave and Wise
Song of the Ship's Cat
The Seafaring Cat
A Donkey in the New World
Tramp, the Sheep Dog
The Rays Defend the Ford

P. T. Barnum
Barnum's First Circus
Baby Rainstorm
Buffalo Bill
A Rootabaga Story
The Rum Tum Tugger

Indians and Pioneers
Waukewa's Eagle
The Deer-Star
A Letter from Quebec
French Pioneers
The Raft
The Buffalo House
Cody's Boy

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