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Bobbs Merrill First Reader
Baker and Baker ~ State
1923-36 - Basic Reading Program

This First Reader has very charming stories and adorable vintage water color illustrations throughout. The Pledge of Allegiance and 48 star flag on frontispiece. Contains list of 300 new words added to a child"s vocabulary. Very collectible.

Illustrated by well-known artist Vera Stone Norman.  An excellent collectible for those who love vintage children's book.


The Country Mouse
Hickory, Dickory, Dock
Little Robin Redbreast
The Three Little Pigs
Jack and Jill
There Was An Old Woman
The Three Bears
Little Jack Horner
Old Mother Hubbard
The Porridge Pot
What Does the Bee Do
The Little Gray Pony
I Have a Little Pony
The Poor Shoemaker
The Little Kittens
Taper Tom
Simple Simon
The Little Fish
The Finest Biggest Fish
The Fox and the Bag
A Little Boy Was In a Barn
The North Wind
The Clouds
Eyvind and Marit
Little Boy Blue
Little Bo Peep
Teh Doll in the Garden
The Tar Baby
Once I Saw a Little Bird
"Bow-wow," Says the Dog
Out of the Nest
What Does Little Birdie Say
What Do the Stars Do

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