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Bob and Judy
Guidance in Reading Series
1940 - Basic Reading Program

Bob and Judy is an excellent vintage school book designed to follow the pre-pirmer Nip and Tuck. Cute stories brightly illustrated to retain a child's interest. A first grade book, this copy is in very nice condition, hard to find like this.

Illustrated by well-known artist Vera Stone Norman.  An excellent collectible for those who love vintage children's book.

Simple repetitive words and short sentences helps children retain what they are learning. The adorable characters and bright illustrations help keep a child's interest.

Stories & Condition

Bob and Judy
Bob and Toby
Bob and Toby Run
Toby and Bob Play
Bob and Judy
Bob and Judy Ride
Toby Wants to Ride
Toby Rides
Toby Jumps
Bob Plays with Monkey
Toby Runs Away
Good Dog, Toby
Mickey Rides
A Fast Ride
Bob Wants to Shop
Judy Falls
Judy and Mother

The Part
Going to the Park
The Pony Ride
The Little Train
A Train Ride
Mickey and the Train

Work and Play at Home
Play at Home
Fun with Toby
Good News
Bob and Judy at Work
A Big Surprise
Toby and Cotton

Children and Pets
A Party
At the Party
The Lunch
Silver King
At Play with Silver King
The Funny Man

The Children in School
Judy at School
The School Radio
A Studio
In the Studio
At Work
The Radio Party
The Surprise
Going Home

A Good Time at the Farm
A Letter
At the Farm
Billy's Pets
Billy's Boats
The Mother Duck
Fun Going Home

Making Things at School

Judy Goes Away
Books for Judy
Making Things for Judy
On a Big Boat
Going to See Judy

VERY GOOD CONDITION - The covers are very nice, bright and clean, with very light rubbing and nice square corners. Binding is very good and strong. No names and no school stamps. Pages are very good, white bright and clean, with light use showing. No smells, no page tears, no scribbling to pages, and no missing pages. Colors are very vivid. A very charming and nostalgic vintage copy, an excellent book for those who love vintage children's books.

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