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The Beacon First Reader , 1941
James H. Fassett
1st Grade Book

The Beacon First Reader
, a very charming vintage children's book with many wonderful stories for a child in first grade. Very vintage this copy is in good condition, bright and clean.

A nostalgic first grade book, with charming stories and vintage water-color line drawings. The Beacon 1st Reader follows the Primer, and continues to use simple material and phonetics with simple lessons.  Cute stories: The Pancake, The Old Woman and Her Pig, The House That Jack Built, Chicken Liken, Old Mother Hubbard, Titty Mouse and Tatty Mouse, The Three Billy Goats Gruff,  The Little Red Hen, Little Pussy,  The Goat Boy, Little Half-Chick,  The Gingerbread Boy, Silver Locks and the Three Bears,  Little Red Riding Hood, Mary Had a Little Lamb, Careful Hans, The Crab and the Fox, and the word list in the back.

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