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Aus Hendschel's Skizzenbuch
30 tipped in illustrations
aus henschels skizzenbuch


Thirty mounted plates of drawings, linen hinged, all edges gilt, published circa late 1800's. A gorgeous copy!

"Aus" on cover is mislettered "Hus. "

The painter Albert Hendschel, Aus A. Hendschel, (1834-1883) had large success with his sketch book, "the attractive representations from the room and road life, particularly from the girl and child world, achieve the sinnige beauty of the Dresdeners judge (Ludwig), exceed however these like the child scenes of O. Pletsch by its fine humor". CLICK HERE TO SEE PAGE 2 OF PHOTOS!

Sketches & Condition

1. Representation
2. Swinging Oberhessin
3. Sun-dark-eat
4. Bellows End of Boys
5. Schlueppchen
6. Tender Brothers and Sisters
7. Quartet
8. The Play-Crude
9. With the Thunderstorm
10. Shoemaker Boy and Kesselflicker
11. Alphorn
12. In Schwulitaeten
1 3. Assault
14. "Daerf ih"s dirndl liabn "? I. Of Rosegger
15. "Daerf ih"s dirndl liabn "? II. Of Rosegger
16. "Daerf ih"s dirndl liabn "? III. Of Rosegger
17. "Daerf ih"s dirndl liabn "? VI. Of Rosegger
18. In the Snow
19. On the Trace
20. The Surprised Missethaeter
21. The Young People Travelers
22. Fraternal Dear "
23. Brittle One BiteBite Bites
24. Balancirkuenstler
25. Last Repetition
26. Be Called Meal
27. Fatal Situation
28. The Play Art
29. The Architecture
30. Staendchen, by R. Reinick.


VERY GOOD CONDITION - The covers are gorgeous with light corner bumps. The binding is very good and strong, not cracked as shown in the photos. Page boards are very good and not loose, light foxing throughout. All plates are mounted securely, none are loose and none are missing. No writing, no tears, no flaws. A gorgeous copy.
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