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At Work and Play, 1937
Bob & Jane, Fluff & Pepper
The Merton-McCall Readers

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An excellent early reader with Bob and Jane, Pepper the dog and Fluff the kitten. The Merton-McCall Readers is a series of books used from Grade 1 - 6, and provide well-graded and interesting reading material. This book uses a limited, socially-useful, basic vocabulary is used. Very vivid illustrations throughout the story pages. Teachers information for pages in small print, to the top of each right page.

Stories & Condition

Jane and Puff
At School
Fluff at School
Little Baby Brother
The Organ-Man
Baby Bird
The Doll House
The Bird House
The Lost Duck


VERY GOOD CONDITION - A gorgeous book, appears to be unused. The covers are gorgeous, with very light corner rubbing. No school stamps, no writing, not a mark. The pages are bright and clean, looking untouched. No writing, no scribbling, no page tears, no storage smells, no noticeable page wear. Colors are very vivid. A very charming vintage learning to read book!
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