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Wonders and Workers, 1947
Dick and Jane ~ 8th Book
Cathedral Edition

Photos are of the book listed. See condition description.

A charming vintage Catholic Dick and Jane 8th book for 8th grade. This Cathedral edition is a revision of the 1947 original edition.

Stories by famous authors like, Borden Chase, Charles Dickens, Hans Christian Andersen, Washington Irving, and many others.

Stories & Condition

Living in America Today
Rodney's Rocket
Ben Bartlett's Banner
The Piano Tuner
Shiny Pants

Builders of America
News from the New World
For God and New France
The Oregon Trail
Flying Cloud
The Mystic
Engine 999
Road to Alaska

Wonder Workers
Power Drive
Modern Madonna
Making Underseas Movies
Manual System
Iowa Plowman
Death of a Hero
Plasma: Medical Wonder of Today

Good Stories of Imagination
The Dog of Pompeii
The Tournament at Ashby
The Highwayman
The Golden Cup of Kasimir

LIving in Other Lands
At Home in Vatican City
The Sphinx
Planes Fly East
America in My Blood

The Outdoor World
In a Wood
Old Scar-Back
The Snare
Outdoor Sleuthing
Robin's Adventure
Old Slewfoot
An Indian Summer Day on the Prairie
The Early Morning
Pied Piper
Cradle of the Storms

In the Service of Mankind
Gutenberg and His Printing Press
The Lens Maker of Delft
The Story of Louis Pasteur
Sœur Marie Emilie
The World's Greatest Detective
George Washington Carver

Familiar Favorites by Master Writers
Ulysses and the Cyclops
The Skeleton in Armor
The Lady or the Tiger
The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle
Portrait of a Gentleman
To the Blessed Virgin
The Cratchits' Christmas Dinner
The Swineherd
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Help Yourself!
Pronunciation of Proper Names

VERY GOOD CONDITION - The covers are very nice with minor corner and edge wear. Cover colors are bright with very light fading. Small school stamps inside front/back cover and first blank page, no names, no writing. Pages are bright and very clean showing light usage. No page tears found, no scribbles, no smells, and no missing pages. Colors are vivid. A very nice harder to find vintage 8th grade school book.

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