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Dick and Jane Books Series
4th Grade ~ Book 4

Wonderful stories in this 4th grade book, Times and Places. Designed for 4th grade and follows More Streets and Roads. Times and Places introduces 1064 words.

Stories include Dick and Jane's favorite friends - Johnny Ball, Sam Penny, Susan, Nancy, Betty Jane, Tommy, and others


Young Citizens of Today
Return of the Puddle Duck
Whiskers Steals the Show
Star Pupil
Betsy Finds a Way
How Andy Helped His Team

Young Citizens of Early Days
Going West
The Long Journey
The Neighborhood Needle
Hasty Pudding
Susanna Jane's Secret
A Boy and His Book
Wool Gathering
Steam Comes Upriver

Wonders of Our Times
Radio Rescue
Messages from the Sea
Steam Shovels Are Handy
Southbound Flight
A New Job for a Tractor
When the Lights Failed

Story-Land of Here and Now
The Wizard of Vilville
The Huckabuck Family
The Princess Who Could Not Cry
Three and Three
King Permund's Wish

Young Citizens of Other Lands
AT Home in Any Language
The Red Brimmed Hat
Adventure in Guatemala
A South American Visit
Mario's Pet
Christmas in Alaska

The Great Outdoors
A Camp in the Canyon
Bushy Tail's Escape
The Partridge Family
A Wild Colt's Lesson
Gray Wing and Nika
Smoozie the Reindeer
The Polar Bear Twins
Johnny's Alligator

Famous People of Other Times
Joseph and His Brothers
David the Shepard Boy
Saint George
Joan of Arc

Old Tales from Everywhere
Chanticleer and the Fox
A Barber's Discovery
The Seven Dancing Stars
The Ugly Duckling
The Golden Eggs
Cinder Lad

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