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Streets and Roads, 1946-47 Edition
Sally, Dick, and Jane Series
3rd Grade ~ 1st Semester

Streets and Roads book 3.1 follows More Friends and Neighbors book 2.2 and is designed for use during the 1st half of the third-grade level.  A wonderful book with charming characters like; Mrs Brown, Nancy, Tommy, Susan, Tim, Bill, Ellen, Mr. Hall, and others. Dick and Jane do not appear in the stories after 2nd grade.

All words learned previously are repeated in this book, and provide the methodology and materials for a developmental skill-building program in reading at this level. 419 words are introduced in Streets and Roads. 

Stories & Condition

On City Streets
John and the Robins
Susan's Birthday Picnic
The Big, Long Honk
Lost and Found
Ups and Downs
A Funny Balloon Ride
The Halloween Party<

Along Country Roads
Bread and Jam
A Wish That Came True
Benny's Trick
Sarah's Plan
Pinky at the Fair
How Tom Went to the Fair
Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Grower
The Traveling Christmas Tree

On the Road to Story-Land
A Ride to Animal Town
Tippy Elephant's Hat
Noisy Mr. Red Head
The Story of White Satin
Brother Rabbit and Tar Baby
Paddy's Christmas
The Basket of Laughs

Animals in Town and Country
Skipper and the Black Dog
Fluffytail and the Peanut Hunt
Chip, the Baby Chipmunk
Salt for the Deer
The Bears' Picnic
Ringtail, the Young Raccoon
Paddle Tail
Chuckle Makes a Friend

On the Roads of Long Ago
The Lad and the North Wind
The Fairy Shoemaker
The Turtle's Race
The Golden Pears
A Bell for the Cat
The Fisherman and His Wife
The Princess Who Never Laughed
Mother Hulda

VERY GOOD CONDITION - The covers are very good with very light corner rubbing. Binding is good and strong. No school stamps, one name written small to first blank page and no other writing. Pages are very good, mostly clean with an occasional stray pencil and a circular pen marking to the last blank page, no page tears found, no smells, no writing, no scribbling, and no missing pages. Colors are vivid. This is a super nice and very nostalgic vintage copy, and an excellent book for collecting, reminiscing and home school.

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