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Science STories Book Two , 1935
Sally, Dick, and Jane Science Book
1st Grade ~ 2nd Science Book

A gorgeous and very charming early Dick and Jane science book.

Science Stories Book Two is the 2nd Unit of a group of elementary science books in the Curriculum Foundation Series. Each book provides reading and study experiences in a specific field which parallel and reinforce oral learning activities at the same level

Dick and Jane do not appear in this science reader.  The children are Alice, Betty, Jim, and Joe.

Stories & Condition

Part One ~ Weather
An Outdoor Party
Air and Wind
What Wind Moves
A Wind Toy
Wind Directions
The Secret
Keeping a Weather Chart
Clouds and Rain
Wet Weather

Part Two ~ Living Things
Animals in the Woods
Do Animals Need Food?
Large Animals
Nanook, the White Bear
Small Animals
Baby Animals
Food in Winter
The Tree that Bloomed in Winter
Food from Plants
Playing the Food Game
Clothing Makers
Animal and Plant Friends

Part Three ~ Land and Water
Going to the Ocean
A Sand Picture
Where Water Goes
Land and Water
How Do We Use Land?
How Do We Use Water?

Part Four ~ Sun, Moon, and Stars
How Big is the Sun?
HOw the Sun Helps Us Live
Making a Shadow Stick
When Do We See the Moon?
HOw the Moon Tells Time
Does the Moon Give Light?
Star Stories
The North Star
The Milky Way

Part Five ~ Making Work Easy
How the Stone Was Moved
How Machines Help Us
Using Electricity
Electric Helpers
The Fire Helper
How to Make a Fire
How to Put Out a Fire
Things to Find Out
Getting Ready
Review Pages
~ Teacher's Notes
~ Word List
~ Index of Science Content

EXCELLENT CONDITION - A very pretty copy. Covers are bright and clean. Nice square corners with only a hint of rubbing. State of NC school bookplate inside front cover with Discard written, no names, no writing. Pages are bright and clean. First few pages have faint and small water stain to bottom corner. Illustrations are bright and pages are white, no age tanning. No writing, no scribbling, no page tears found, no storage smells. A gorgeous and very charming nostalgic vintage copy of a wonderfully illustrated 1st grade science book.

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