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Peter's Family, 1948
Dick and Jane ~ 1st Grade Book
Tom, Susan, Peter, and Jip

Peter's Family, is the second social-development book in the Social Studies Program of the Curriculum Foundation Series.   Peter's Family presents learning experiences which will help children move from dependence on others toward independence in solving problems. This program contributes to children's social growth in moving from absorption in self toward concern for and service to others, promoting appreciation of family, their neighborhood, their school, and community groups, and guides children in carrying their share of responsibility. 

TWENTY-FOUR stories with Eleven work pages. Charming illustrations by well-known illustrator Ellen Segner and Charlotte Becker.

Stories & Condition

Something New
A Big Family
A Name for Baby Brother
Something for Peter
Work Pages:
- Find Something for Peter
- Family Pictures

Good-by, Father
Jip Makes Work
Tom and Susan Help
Work Pages:
- Work at Home
Jip Sees Friends
Work Pages:
- Four Family Helpers
Home from Work
Work Pages:
- Father Works
- How Money Helps
- Fathers Go to Work

Away to the Farm
Peter Sees the Farm Animals
Jip Helps Grandmother
Work Page:
- Susan Helps Grandmother
Helping Grandmother Milk
Work Page:
- Work at the Farm
Jip's Letter
A Ride with the Chickens

Father Wants a New House
The New House
Work Page:
- In the New House
A Funny Ride
New Friends
Work Pages:
- Rooms in the New Home

Dinner in the Yard
Fun in the Play Room
Work Pages:
- Family Fun
- Fun with Friends
Jip Plays School
Peter Is a Little Boy
A Birthday for Peter

EXCELLENT CONDITION - The covers are gorgeous, corners are very square. Binding is excellent and tight. Small school stamp first blank page, no names or any writing. Small pencil eraser inside front cover. Pages are excellent, clean and bright, a very lightly used book. No page tears, no marks, no smells, no writing, about two tiny smudge spots, no scribbling to pages, and no missing pages. Colors are vivid. This is a charming and very nostalgic vintage copy, an excellent book for collecting, reminiscing, and home school.

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