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People and Progress, 1944
Dick and Jane Books Series
6th Grade
- Cathedral Edition

People and Progress, the 6th Grade Reader, illustrated by well-known artists; Milo Winter, John Merryweather, Charlotte Becker, Hugh Lofting, I. B. Hazelton, Gregory Orloff, and others.

This book is popular in the Dick and Jane series. EXCELLENT stories with CHARMING illustrations by very well-known illustrators.

Stories & Condition

Young Americans Today
Joan Keeps Her Promise
Marion Andrews, Lifesaver
Who's Scared of Bears?
High Water in Arkansas
The Junior Team's Bargain

Early Adventures in Progress
News for the Gazette
Yankee Clipper Ship
All Aboard!
Can't a Machine Do It?
Newfangled Notions
The Horseless Carriage

Man-made Wonders of Today
Coast Guard to the Rescue
Th eSodality Poster
Miracle of the Air
The Night Express
A Fireman's Bag of Tricks

Fun and Fancy
The Caliph's Clock
Rhyming Ink
The Story of Dr. Dolittle
Ben and Me

World Neighbors
Pepperfoot Earns His Name
The Madonna of the Grotto
A Letter for Nikias
End of a Quest
The Good River

The World of Nature
Adventures of Chut
Enchanted Island
Sharp Wits in Bronze ARmor
The Shining Gateway
The Wild Goat's Kid

Defenders of Freedom
Thomas Jefferson
Lafayette Meets His Hero
Simon Bolivar, Liberator
First Lady of China

Favorite Legends of the Church
Errand for an Angel
The Seven Sleepers
Magnificat of the Heart
Emmanuel's Pecious Jewel
The Worker in Sandalwood

Adventures for Christ
Roand, the Noble Knight
A Viking Saint
Apostle of the Indies

VERY GOOD CONDITION - The covers are very nice, showing light wear and light corner bumps, and two tiny indentations to front lower cover. No school stamps, no names and no writing. Binding is good and strong. The pages are bright, white, and clean, no storage smells, no molds, no writing, no scribbling to pages and no page tears found. Colors are vivid. A charming vintage copy, excellent for collecting, reminiscing and home school.

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