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Paths and Pathfinders, 1951
Dick and Jane Books Series
7th Grade

By William S. Gray Robert C. Pooley and Fred G. Walcott. Illustrated by Paul Bransom, Anne Fleur, Fritz Kredel, John Merryweather, Gregory Orloff, and others. Published by Scott, Foresman & Co.

Wonderful stories for the 7th grade. Stories like; Columbus, Lewis and Clark, The Three Golden Apples, The Horse of the Sword, Four Little Foxes, and many more. Hard-to-find Dick and Jane series book, a super nice and very scarce vintage copy!

Story List & Condition

Young Americans Today
Tony's Hobby
Joanna Plays the Game
The Message from the Sun
The Vegetable Life
The Haunted Desert

Pathfinders of America
Out of Defeat
Paul Revere's Ride
Daniel Boone
Lewis and Clark
Into the Shakes
Saviors of Oregon
Abe Lincoln at Gettysburg
Srpingfield or Bust
Wilbur Wright and Orville Wright

Wonder Workers
Rush Serum
Sixty Hours Away
Sound-Effects Man
Dynamite Wanted
Song of the Builders
Life Raft
The Magnifying Glass

Tales of Fun and Fancy
The Three Golden Apples
The Quest of the Hammer
Robin Hood Rescuing the Widow's Three Sons
The Great Hunter of the Woods
A Nautical Extravaganza
How Old Stormalong Whitened the Cliffs of Dover
Storm Along, John!

Neighbors Around the World
On the Moon
Cousin Kate from Budepest
Lofoten Adventure
Farmer of Paimpol
The Horse of the Sword
A Borneo Boy Explores America

Nature Adventure
A Dog Named Spike
Blue Dulker
Four Little Foxes
Wild Animals Come to Dine
Ungor Guards trhe Flock
The Falling Star
The Night Wil Never Stay
Polka-Dot Pets
The Sandhill Crane
My Strange Hobby
Poem of Praise

Heroes of Service
Nathan Hale
Braille's Golden Key
Working wiht Edison
Walter Reed
The Doctor of Labrador
Jane Addams

Famous Book Friends
The Pine-Tree Shillings
A Tragic Story
Tom and the Pain-Killer
John Gilpin
Rip Van Winkle
The Height of the Ridiculous
A Voyage to Lilliput

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