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Our New Friends, 1940
Sally, Dick, and Jane Book

This is a very rare "Examination Edition" book, lettered in black underneath the title. Printed on the front paste down and the first free endpaper was an advertisement for this edition aimed at teachers, presenting it to them for examination to entice them into adding it to the school's curriculum. Also on the rear endpaper and on the rear paste down is a "Price List" for 13 different readers, prices range from 24 cents to 84 cents.

Wonderful stories, including the well-known folk-tale the Dark Pony, and the adorable story with Baby Sally and the Policeman, where Sally tells the policeman her first name is Sally and her last name is Sally.

New Friends
The New Family
Who Will Ride?
Fun in the New House
The First Day at School
A Play House at School
The Big Umbrella
The Last Pennies
A Big Friend
Patty and Her Pennies

Our Friends at Work
Time to Work
Who Will Help Tim?
Sally Helps
Old Toy Horse
Making Boats
The Little House
Patty Reads to Baby Our Animal Friends
Happy Finds a Friend
Puff Has a Ride
A Friends Comes to School
Poky Gets Lost
Bunny Boy
Who Took the Nuts?
The Snow Party
Red Hen and the Valentine
A Home in a Tree
Our Friends at Play
The Lost Toys
Playing Store
The Wind and the Umbrella
Jane's Dear Old Doll
Round and Round
The Wind and the Toys
The Birthday Party

Story Book Friends
What Was It?
Little Duck Talks
Dinner at the Farm
Dark Pony
The Big Brown Basket
The Merry-Go-Round
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