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Number Stories Book Two
Curriculum Foundation Series ~ 1st Grade
1940 Edition ~ 1st Grade Math Book

The Number Stories book has been planned for continuous use after the child has completed the primer of his reader series.

Well remembered stories stories about Fun with Pets, Earning Money, Work and Play, and On the Farm.  Stories and work pages cobmined, no work problems written in, no writing.

Stories & Condition

Part One ~ Fun with Pets
Grandmother's Surprise
Large and Small
Long and Short
Going Home
Counting to 100
Writing Numbers
Going to the Store
More Money
Which Will Buy More? Tom's Ride
Apples for Billy
Betty's Friends
Jack's Goats
Reading Examples
Bingo Plays Schools
Giving Answers to Examples
High and Low
Tall and Short
The Big Bee
Feeding the Pigs
Feeding Pets
What "Add" Means
Missing Numbers
Many and Few

Part Two - Earning Money
Billy and the Stand
Circus Day
Buying Rabbits
Waht "Subtract" Means
Add and Subtract
Making Toys to Sell
Selling Flowers
Spending Money
How Many are Left?
How Many More?
HOw Much More?
How Much Less?
How Many Fewer?

Part Three - Work and Play at Home
Halloween Fun
Making the Jacl-o-Lantern
Getting Ready for the Party
Reading Large Numbers
Getting Ready for the Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving Day
Playing School
At the Playground
Making Paper Dolls
A Doll Parade
The Peanut Hunt
Apples and Pop-Corn
Getting Ready for Christmas
Days of the Week
Buying Dolls
At the Toy Store
The Christmas Box
Counting 2's and 5's
The Christmas Tree
Christmas Day
Number Words
The Christmas Presents
Coasting on the Hill
Find the Page
Christmas Money
Counting Money
The Ring Toss Game
Adding Columns
A New Number
The Bean Bag Game
Adding Zero in a Column
How to Subtract with Zero
Left and Right

Part Four ~ Work and Play at School
The Liberty Corner
Putting Books Away
Reading Books
How to Add Large Numbers
Winter Friends
Feeding the Birds
Making Change
Adding Large Numbers
Adding Large and Small Numbers
Bouncing the Ball
Making Valentines
The Valentine Party
Good Spellers
Number Cards
How to Subtract Large Numbers
Getting Ready for Easter
Easter Eggs
Subtracting Large Numbers
Planting Seeds
The Children's Plants
Toy Money
Part Five ~ on the Farm
Grandmother's Chickens
Looking for Eggs
Adding and Subtracting Numbers
Learning What "Dozen" Means
Selling the Eggs
Feeding the Horses
Counting Money
Finding the Cows
Pint and Quart
Grandmother's Turkeys
Counting Pigs
Wide and Narrow
Telling Time
Adding by Endings
Adding Columns
A Review

Miscellaneou Practice Exercises
Number Stories
Making Number Stories
Review Tests

GOOD CONDITION - The covers are good, clean and bright, with rubbing and bumping to edges and corners, light fray to corners. Cover is slightly crooked from being stored. Binding is good and strong. Small school stamp inside front cover with Discard written. Name neatly written on backside of first blank page. Pages are very good with a few pages having a light water stain to the outer edges, faint but there. No exercises worked, no writing and no page tears. No smells, no missing pages, and no scribbling to pages. A very nostalgic and vintage copy.

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