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New Centerville, Teacher's Edition

2nd Grade Health Book
Super Rare Teacher's Edition

A gorgeous rare copy of a  popular Dick and Jane series book. EXCELLENT stories in this 4th Health Series book that follows the 3 previous health books; Peter's Family, Hello David, and Someday Soon.

Designed to be used following the 2nd book of 2nd Grade, More Friends and Neighbors. The Teacher's Guidebook packed full of information on each of the stories is in the front of the book with 54 pages, and the students complete story book follows with another 288 pages.  

Stories are excellent and listed below.  Beautifully illustrated on each page by well-known artists Matilda Breuer and Fiore Mastri.

Story List & Condition

Business in Town
A Busy Saturday Morning
Town and Country
The Ten O'Clock Mail
More Business
Jim Makes a Delivery
A Call for Help
Eggs for the City
Saturday Night

The New Highway
Strawberry Time
The Letter
Planning the Highway
Building the Highway
Machinery at Work
Highway Signs
The Traffic Officer
The Big Sale

Food and Clothes for the Community
Salesmen from the City
Following the New Highway
The Wholesale House
The Order for Mr. Adams
Buying Children's Clothes
How Overalls Are Made
Telling about the Trip

Business in the Country
Mr. Hand's New Idea
Ways of Farming
The New Shed
Driving the Calves
New Plans
Tim and Tom
Feeding the Cattle
A Cattle Buyer Comes
A Railroad Map
At the Packing House
Using the Money

The Community Builds a School
A Fire in Town
Plans for a New School
Work Begins
The Cornerstone
Naming the School
Water and Electricity for the School
Heating the School
Finishing the School
Moving Day

Community Day
The Biggest Building
Making Pictures
Plans for Exhibits
Everybody Works
The Community Day Program
The Surprise

EXCELLENT CONDITION - The covers are gorgeous, very bright, very light soil to the edge of the back cover, with very square corners. Elizabeth Morgan neatly written to first blank page, no other writing, no school stamps. Miss Morgan underlined a few sentences in the Teacher's Guidebook, no writing to story pages. Binding is very good. The pages are super clean and bright. No tears found, no scribbles, no storage smells and no molds. Illustrations are vivid. A gorgeous rare vintage copy.

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