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More Fun with Our Friends, 1965
With Sally, Dick, and Jane ~ 1st Grade 2nd Half
Includes Mike, Pam and Penny

Cover and title page photos are of the book listed, page photos are of an identical title. Pages are very nice, please see condition description!

More Fun with Our Friends, is the 1960's 1st book and follows the Primer Fun with Our Friends, and is the second book after the 3 Pre-Primers, Sally Dick and Jane (or Now We Read), the first Pre-Primer; Fun With The Family, the second Pre-Primer; and Fun Wherever We Are, the third Pre-Primer.

Integrated edition with Mike, and his twin sisters, Pam and Penny. Excellent stories and folk tales, like Dark Pony.  This book is very nice, a wonderful book for gift giving, reminiscing, and home school. 192 pages filled with wonderful stories.

Stories & Condition

Time for School
See What I Saw
New Books
Where Did Pete Go?
Which One?
Left Foot!, Right Foot!
A Funny Walk
Patty Reads to Tim
Dick's Friends Help
Pete Gets His Hair Cut
New Friends
Spring is Here
Tim Wing's Picture
One, Two, Three
The Birthday Cake

A Good Day
The Lost Pet
Get That Rabbit!
Up and Down
Sally Wants to Help
Pigs! Pigs! Pigs!
Up a Tree
The New Pony
A Pet for the Zoo
Long Tail Gets a Ride

Surprise! Surprise!
The LIttle Train in a Hurry
Why Tom-Tom Ran
The Big Brown Basket
Fun for Ducks
The Merry-Go-Round
Five Little Pigs
What Was It?
The Talk of the Town
Kitten Cat
Dark Pony

VERY GOOD CONDITION - The covers are very good and bright, with very light corner bumping. Binding is very good and strong. School stamp inside front cover and child's name, Jasper, to first blank page. Pages are bright and mostly clean with very light soil to just a few pages. No page tears found, no stray marks, no doodling, no scribbles, no smells, and no missing story pages. A very nice vintage copy.

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